Why Natural Treatment is the Answer to your Nasal Polyps

nasal polyps natural treatment manSuffering from Nasal Polyps is no fun. You experience headaches, struggle to breath and have difficulty sleeping. I would like to tell you that there is no need for expensive prescription medications, sprays or surgery. Thanks to recent research you can now cure your nasal polyps with natural treatments.

I would like to share with you some of the natural remedies you can use. These treatments will not only alleviate the symptoms of nasal polyps, but will also fight the cause of this painful and embarrasing condition.

Why natural treatments for Nasal Polyps?

Treating any condition, but specifically Nasal Polyps naturally, has many benefits. First off, there are no side effects when using holistic methods. It is also a much cheaper option when compared to medications, sprays and surgical procedures. It is also much less painful than the methods normally prescribed by doctors.

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While surgery can have some short term relief, there is no guarantee that the polyps won’t return. Make sure to read ‘Why surgery isn’t the best option for Nasal Polyps recovery‘ to find out why I wouldn’t suggest surgery as a long term option.

On top of the already mentioned benefits, natural treatment of Nasal Polyps is a much more effective long term remedy. By making some dietary and lifestyle changes, you can fight this condition and reduce the pain and irritation to a large extent.

What are the causes of Polyps?

Polyps form when the nasal passages experience irritation. This irritation leads to inflammation, which in turns leads to the polyps forming in the nasal passage. When gravity starts playing it role, the polyps take on the signature teardrop form.

When going the route of surgery, or topical steroids, the cause of the polyps is not being treated. Instead the actual polyps are removed, but the irritation remains. That is why the polyps will quite often return after surgery, or use of steroids.

This is why it is better to treat the actual cause (irritation/inflammation), rather than the condition (nasal polyps) it brings about.

The irritation of the nasal passages are quite often a result of allergic reactions. You might allergic to pollen, dust, grass, cat’s hair, or a number of other things. When you experience a reaction to such an irritant, the passages become inflamed, and this will lead to nasal polyps forming. If you suffer from ashtma, or chronic rhinitis, this might be your main trigger.

Other than allergies, your genes could also be a trigger for this condition. If you have experienced a nose injury (perhaps a broken nose), or suffer from a deviated septum, these might also lead to the formation of polyps.

What are my treatment options?

Keep in mind that what works for someone else, might not be the right solution for you. Your circumstances and medical history are unique, and you might have to try a combination of these to relief your nasal polyps symptoms.

Here are some of the remedies for treating your polyps naturally:

  • Tea Tree Oil is a great natural remedy for many different conditions. Apply some of this oil directly to the polyps
  • Reduce your discomfort by consuming garlic juice a couple of times
  • Taking a hot bath can prevent swelling, and will also lead to some pain relief
  • Taking vitamins A and C (or eating fruits containing these) will alleviate your symptoms

How do I make sure that my polyps don’t return?

When treating your polyps, you want to make sure they don’t return a week or two later. This is where you will have to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. By eating the right foods you will be dramatically decreasing your chances of inflammation. On top of that, by following an anti-inflammation diet, you will also see an improvement in your general health.

Changing your diet alone is not enough though.

You will have to make some lifestyle changes as well. By using an humidifier in the home, and ensuring good hygiene and cleanliness, you will decrease the chances of your polyps making a comeback.

Why natural treatment is the way to go

We have discussed how nasal polyps are caused, and how surgery and other medications only treat the symptoms, and not the causes. For natural relief of polyps, you must fight the inflammation. To fight the inflammation, you must find out what is causing it.

I highly recommend  The Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle™ guide by Manuel Richards. In my opinion, this guide is the number 1 resource on Nasal Polyps and the natural treatment of the condition. Most of these tips come from the guide, and I would like to thank Mr. Richards for allowing me to share this information with you.

Are you ready to make some changes?

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